Ubiqus (Acolad UK Ltd) is the only official provider of transcription services
for London Crown Courts

Our rates have increased, please speak to a member of our team. 

We provide Legal transcription services for the following London Crown Courts:

     ✓ Blackfriars 

     ✓ Croydon 

     ✓ Harrow 

     ✓ Inner London 

     ✓ Isleworth 

     ✓ Kingston upon Thames 

     ✓ Snaresbrook  

     ✓ Southwark 

     ✓ Wood Green 

     ✓ Woolwich 

We also cover the Central Criminal court.

Ubiqus (Acolad UK Ltd) is accredited by the

Ubiqus is accredited by the MOJ



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How to order a criminal transcript

Download and complete the EX107 form in full.

Select a turnaround time (see below).
Provide the requested information (see below).
Peruse the Guidance note from the Ministry of Justice.

Once completed, attach your EX107 form to the below on-line form.

Download the EX107 form.  

We will provide you with a quotation based on the information provided, request the audio  and request prepayment.

See below for the associated time line.

  • Prices & turnaround times

We charge per folio which is every 72 words transcribed.

The charge depends on how quickly we will turn the document around for you.

Our standard service is 7 working days**.

There are four other turnaround times available:

  • Overnight (24 hours)*
  • Within 48 hours*
  • Within 3 working days*
  • Within 12 working days*

We will provide you with a quotation that will detail our charge.

*Conditions apply. Turnaround times commence after receipt of the appropriate audio from the court and prepayment for new clients. Read our Terms & Conditions here.
**This does not include Weekends or Bank Holidays.

  • Required information

To prepare your transcript we need the following information (to be filled out in the attached EX107 form):


  • The name(s) of the defendant(s)

  • The court in which the case was heard

  • The date(s) on which the case was heard

  • The part of the transcript you require (eg, the whole case, the sentence, summing up to verdict, the evidence of Ms X, etc.)

  • The judge’s name

  • The indictment number, if you know it

  • Your own contact details

  • Your own reference number, if you have one


  • Your order, step by step
  • 1
  • 2

    Your request is processed. We request the audio of the hearing.

  • 3

    We make sure we get the right audio file from the Ministry of Justice.

  • 4

    With the right audio, we prepare the quote & request prepayment from you.

  • 5

    You carry out the prepayment. We start the transcription process. Your agreed turnaround time starts now

  • 6

    The transcript of your hearing is sent to you within the agreed time frame.

  • 7

    A final invoice is sent to you.

¡ Contact us

Please submit this information to our legal team preferably by email (enquiries are dealt with Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm). We aim to respond to all emails within 10 working days.

or call us, Monday to Friday: 0207 759 2695 and select 1.